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Royal Ngala Safaris is an exclusive luxury travel company renowned for curating bespoke experiences in Southern Africa. 

The name "Ngala" originates from Africa's Shangaan language, symbolizing the majestic lion, epitomizing strength and promise. Embodying this symbolism, our company champions conservation efforts for these iconic big cats through diverse charitable initiatives worldwide.

Under the stewardship of Cameron Scott, a distinguished native of Africa, Royal Ngala Safaris is committed to fostering a profound reconnection with the natural world. Our guiding ethos, encapsulated by the slogan "Taking you home," seeks to rekindle the timeless bond between humanity and Mother Nature.

Drawing from our intimate knowledge of the African wilderness, we offer discerning travelers unparalleled experiences, ranging from lavish opulence to intrepid private camps. Every safari is meticulously tailored not only to align with your preferences but also to resonate with your individual essence. Our ultimate aspiration is to redefine your perception of the natural world, leaving an indelible imprint on your soul.

Embark with us on an extraordinary journey and immerse yourself in transcendent experiences that will leave an enduring impact on your spirit.

" Look deeply into nature and chase that adventure, get lost in the unknown and discover yourself as you are meant to be  " - Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott

Founder & Owner

Cameron Scott boasts an extensive 30 year tenure as a visitor to many African parks and of that has been operating as a private safari guide for the past 11 years. Over the years, he has cultivated an unparalleled passion for wildlife and has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to conservation efforts while continually expanding his knowledge of the natural world.

Following the attainment of his professional photography credentials, Cameron pursued an intensive field guide program within the esteemed Sabi Sand Game Reserve, renowned for its abundant predator population. For six months, he resided in a modest one-person tent amidst the spectacular array of wildlife for which Africa is celebrated. His exceptional performance led to his distinction as the top graduate of his class and subsequently afforded him the opportunity to serve as a guide and host for discerning luxury travellers from across the globe, a role he adeptly fulfilled for 11 years.

Cameron's captivating commitment to educating his clients in a distinctive and engaging manner has fostered enduring friendships throughout his career. Those who have the pleasure of engaging with Cameron can anticipate forging a lifelong connection with this remarkable individual.

At Royal Ngala, guests have the unparalleled opportunity to not only revel in Africa's unadulterated and distinctive beauty but also to benefit from Cameron's expertise as a personal private guide and photographic mentor. Whether seeking to rekindle a passion for photography or to capture indelible memories along their intrepid expedition, Cameron is poised to facilitate an enriching and unforgettable experience.

Taryn van Niekerk

Operations Manager

With over 14 years of invaluable experience in the luxury safari industry, Taryn Van Niekerk joins Royal Ngala Safaris as our esteemed Operations Manager. 

Taryn's illustrious career has seen her excel in various pivotal roles within the realm of Southern African safari adventures, making her a true authority in the field.

Her journey in the industry commenced with a passion for showcasing the untamed beauty of Southern Africa. Her dedication and expertise have been honed through her tenure as a Sales and Marketing professional, a Reservations Manager, and most recently, as a Revenue Manager for a distinguished high-end safari portfolio. 

Her multifaceted background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in curating exceptional safari experiences, ensuring that every aspect of our guests' journey is meticulously orchestrated to perfection.

Her wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience allows Taryn to seamlessly orchestrate the operational intricacies of Royal Ngala Safaris, ensuring that each guest's adventure unfolds with unparalleled precision and attention to detail.

Taryn's passion for Southern Africa's natural wonders and her dedication to providing guests with unforgettable experiences epitomise the ethos of Royal Ngala Safaris. Her leadership and expertise will continue to elevate our commitment to delivering world-class luxury safari experiences, ensuring that each journey with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

We are privileged to welcome Taryn Van Niekerk to the Royal Ngala Safaris family.

Our Conservation Efforts

Royal Ngala Safaris, under the leadership of renowned guide and photographer Cameron Scott, is deeply committed to eco-friendly practices and conservation efforts. Our ethos centers on partnering with properties that are industry leaders in sustainability, ensuring that every booking we make directly impacts struggling communities and wildlife conservation.

Our dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond our operations and into the heart of our partnerships. Through collaborations with properties that are at the forefront of eco-friendly practices, we strive to set a high standard for responsible tourism. We firmly believe that sustainable travel should not only benefit travelers but also leave a lasting positive impact on the destinations and communities we visit.

In addition to our strong conservation commitments, we actively engage with local communities through funding, job creation, and educational initiatives. Through partnerships with organizations like the Musanze Muhisimbi Youth Conservation in Rwanda, who have created a comprehensive housing and vocational training centre for teen mothers and their babies. Each donation from our clients, assists in empowering the young mothers by providing them with sewing machines, and together with the Organisation, they are provided a nurturing and protective space, where they will be lovingly housed, fed, educated, and provided with the necessary training and skills needed to become successful parents, entrepreneurs and community members.

At Royal Ngala Safaris, we believe in making a tangible difference in the world we love. By combining our dedication to eco-friendly practices, community empowerment, and conservation efforts, we strive to create a sustainable and harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. Our ongoing initiatives aim to educate, protect, and conserve the natural world, leaving a positive impact for generations to come.

Our Founder, Cameron Scott, creates the below life-size lion skulls in bronzed artwork to raise awareness about big cat conservation issues, and proceeds from these artworks support the Kevin Richardson Foundation, contributing to vital efforts in big cat education and protection.

The Story of Tenegile (ten-e-gee-leh), “Fierce One”

This large, black-maned male lion reigned supreme near the foothills of the iconic Korannaberg Mountains in the Southern parts of the famous Kalahari Game Reserve.

With his larger size and fighting nature, Tenegile, soon ruled over a local pride in the area and was a successful sire to many cubs which ensured his strong bloodline would continue forth for many generations to come.

His strength and fighting nature quickly earned him a reputation as a fierce competitor and fantastic provider for his pride. He was the epitome of lions during his prime and ruled like a true African King.

In the year 1993 at the age of 12, Tenegile succumbed to his injuries during battle from a rival coalition of 3 male lions in the efforts to protect his pride. This was an impressive feat as the average life span of a male lion in the wild is around 10 years of age and he still went down fighting.

His skull was collected as part of a study involving possible skull malformations in captive bred lions, which were compared to those of wild lions. This was passed down by conservationists over the years so his legacy could continue on and his story would live in the hearts of all who heard it.

Tenegile's original skull now presides in Johannesburg, South Africa and the owner has now started creating fine art replicas of this regal animal to help raise awareness for the decline in wild lion numbers across the African continent.

"My hope is to use the beauty of this iconic, male lion skull to raise awareness through education for Africa's big cats and to make sure that all those who visit our wonderfully wild continent are aware of the decline in wild lion populations. This is mainly due to human encroachment on their natural habitat, canned hunting and illegal bone trade and that we as a collective unit can fight for the conservation and preservation of these endangered animals.

It's estimated that there are between 15 000 - 20 000 lions left in the wild compared to almost double that number 20 years ago and we must do our part to ensure these legendary big cats roam freely across the African Savannah for many generations to come. The Lion is a signal of strength and hope and I cannot imagine a world without them. " ~Artist

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