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Royal Ngala Safaris is a bespoke expert travel company based in Southern Africa.

The word “Ngala“ Translates to Lion in Africa’s Shangaan language, The Lion is a symbol of strength and promise and is a key figure in our business as we strive to raise awareness for this symbolic big cat in multiple charity projects around the world.

Royal Ngala’s slogan is “Taking you home“ as Africa is our birthplace as a species and we intend on mending that magical bond between yourself and Mother Nature.

Our company is headed up by Cameron Scott who is a proud home grown son of Africa. Born and bred on the wild continent you can rest assure you are in safe and experienced hands and his infectious nature will inspire you to learn and connect on a new level and want to come back home for many years to come.

Being proud Africans allows us the opportunity to share the very best experiences our amazing continent has on offer. From complete opulence to the adventurous private camps we tailor make your safaris to not only fit your ideal spend but to ultimately fit you as an individual as our goal is to change the way you view the natural world forever .

Join us in taking that next step and get lost in the most awe inspiring and soul shifting experiences ever.

" Look deeply into nature and chase that adventure, get lost in the unknown and discover yourself as you are meant to be  " - Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott

Founder & Owner

Cameron has been fortunate enough to have been spending time in Africa’s iconic nature reserves for the past 30 years.

He developed an unrivaled passion for all things wild and dedicated himself to conservation and learning more and more about his immediate surroundings.

After graduating as a professional photographer he enrolled in an intensive field guide program in the famous predator rich Sabi Sand Game Reserve where he spent 6 months living in a tiny 1 man tent amongst some of the worlds most incredible animals Africa has become famous for. He finished top in his class and was given the opportunity to host and guide luxury travelers from all corners of the globe and continued to do so for the next 6 years.

His infatuating passion for educating his clients in a very unique and fun way allowed him to gain many new friends along the way and you are guaranteed to make a new friend for life after dealing with Cameron personally.

Here at Royal Ngala you are not only able to experience Africa’s raw and unique beauty but you can have Cameron as your personal private guide and photographic coach should you wish to dust off that old or camera and capture some incredible memories along your adventurous journey.

Kevin Wium


Kevin is a true son of Africa and has spread his wings as an international art dealer sailing the seven seas for the past half a decade . His travels have seen him visited places like Antartica and Alaska where enormous glaciers and tiny penguins decorate the horizons beyond.

Kevin has ventured from the frozen tundra’s of the Artic to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean but his most incredible memories and experiences were always made here on his own door step in Africa.

“ The Wildlife , Sceneries and variety of original African cultures is something everyone absolutely has to experience at least once, twice or probably 100 more times in their lifetime and here at Royal Ngala Safaris we will deliver that experience to you! That is our promise. “

Kevin’s goal is to spread the wild word about his unique continent and help inspire many to get lost in the unknown and in turn find themselves in the most beautiful of places.

Our Conservation Efforts

The Story of Tenegile (ten-e-gee-leh), “Fierce One”

This large, black-maned male lion reigned supreme near the foothills of the iconic Korannaberg Mountains in the Southern parts of the famous Kalahari Game Reserve.

With his larger size and fighting nature, Tenegile, soon ruled over a local pride in the area and was a successful sire to many cubs which ensured his strong bloodline would continue forth for many generations to come.

His strength and fighting nature quickly earned him a reputation as a fierce competitor and fantastic provider for his pride. He was the epitome of lions during his prime and ruled like a true African King.

In the year 1993 at the age of 12, Tenegile succumbed to his injuries during battle from a rival coalition of 3 male lions in the efforts to protect his pride. This was an impressive feat as the average life span of a male lion in the wild is around 10 years of age and he still went down fighting.

His skull was collected as part of a study involving possible skull malformations in captive bred lions, which were compared to those of wild lions. This was passed down by conservationists over the years so his legacy could continue on and his story would live in the hearts of all who heard it.

Tenegile's original skull now presides in Johannesburg, South Africa and the owner has now started creating fine art replicas of this regal animal to help raise awareness for the decline in wild lion numbers across the African continent.

"My hope is to use the beauty of this iconic, male lion skull to raise awareness through education for Africa's big cats and to make sure that all those who visit our wonderfully wild continent are aware of the decline in wild lion populations. This is mainly due to human encroachment on their natural habitat, canned hunting and illegal bone trade and that we as a collective unit can fight for the conservation and preservation of these endangered animals.

It's estimated that there are between 15 000 - 20 000 lions left in the wild compared to almost double that number 20 years ago and we must do our part to ensure these legendary big cats roam freely across the African Savannah for many generations to come. The Lion is a signal of strength and hope and I cannot imagine a world without them. " ~Artist

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