Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp

Touch the open sky, feel the rustling grass, watch the moon chase the sun and feel your spirit being set free. In the true essence of expedition, our mobile camps navigate the wild plains of East Africa in the footprints of the Great Migration. Enjoy a front-row seat to the procession of more than two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelles as they wander across the vast grass plains of the Serengeti. North, South and West locations within the Serengeti mean that our tents, infused with classic safari romance, are always near the action.

Legendary Serengeti Camp has two identical mobile camps each with 8 en-suite tents and a family tent (2 en-suite rooms and a shared lounge). Each of the camps are pitched as a split camp whereby one side of the camp will have 6 tents and the other side will have 2 tents and the family tent. Each half of the camp faces in a different direction and is fully contained with its own lounge and dining facility, using natural habitat to ensure maximum privacy and each camp. The camps operate independently while sharing a back of house. Each camp has an option to make one half a ‘Private Camp’. This is the smaller side with 2 tents and the family tent.

Drive for miles without seeing another soul, while our guides keep you captivated with their stories about the land. The raw and untamed landscape draws you in, and the order of the day is up to you. The exclusive locations are in close proximity to the migration, wherever that may be at any given time of the year. Driven by an endless search for food and water, the great herds of the migration and their attendant predators are constantly on the move. Mobile Camps feature comfortable beds, and classic safari décor of days gone by.

The Mobile Camps, following in the footsteps of this famous procession of more than two million wildebeest, zebra and Thompson’s gazelles as they wander across the vast grass plain, offer guests a front-row seat. Whether it's calving season, migration or river crossings, the Mobile Camps are in the thick of the action.


The camps are closed from 1 May until 15 May due to high rain fall anticipated during the green season of Tanzania. The planned dates for camp mobilisation are subject to change as they follow the migratory route of the wildebeest. Should the herds move earlier or later than expected, the camps may be mobilised accordingly.

SOUTH – 15 December to 31 March: Maswa Kimali Game Reserve – 350,000 acres exclusive area. Access airstrip - Mwiba, Makao.

WEST – 16 May to 15 July & 1 December to 31 March: Serengeti National Park (Nyasirori)). Access airstrip - Kirawira/Grumeti

NORTH – 1 July to 30 December: Serengeti National Park (Lamai). Access airstrip - Lamai

NORTH – 1 August to 15 November: Serengeti National Park (Wogakuria). Access airstrip - Kogatende

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